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Rise and brine! Welcome to Year 2 of the Salty Marie Trails Fest!

The Salty Marie aims to celebrate all things “trail.” The City of Sault Ste. Marie continues to expand its cycling infrastructure and this includes the incredible development at our home trails, located at Hiawatha Highlands. 


This festival includes races but make no mistake - this festival is not just for the competitive folks! The Salty Marie is a fun-fueled event for racers as well as cruisers and anyone looking to have a good time.


Not looking to ride? Come check out our arena with a variety food, drink, excitement and wares from local vendors!

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What race should I choose? A definite dill-emma! A great way to choose an event is to pick a distance that is matches (or a bit further if you are looking for a challenge) your longest ride to date.

Can you ride 7KM? The Low Sodium 10KM is for you! How about 18KM? The Saline Short 25KM in a great opportunity to push those limits. Never ridden 50KM before but you have logged a 35KM ride and are up for a challenge? Sign up for that Big Pickle!


***Note for parents: If your child has participated in the Sault Cycling Club group KSS (Kids Shredding Singletrack), it’s likely they have already ridden all trails included in The Low Sodium 10KM race!


What should my riding level be? There's no need to be a seasoned shredder to take on our events. The races don’t include any mandatory drops or jumps and there will be “B lines” on the course for some harder sections. It's important to remember that it is always an option to get off your bike and walk if you are unsure. Caution signs will be posted on tougher sections so you can choose how to proceed. 

What kind of bike should I ride? A mountain bike (hardtail or full suspension) or a fat bike are required. Single speeds are always welcome!

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JULY 27, 2024

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Big Brine

5oKm MTB

Low Sodium

25Km MTB

Low Sodium

10Km MTB

InSault to Injury

10Km Run

The Salty Marie
Race Files (GPX)

All race files posted week of event 


SMTF - 50km Course 

SMTF - 25km Course

SMTF - 10km Course

SMTF - Sault in the Wounds 21km(ish)

SMTF - InSault 10km

Once posted, GPX files can be viewed at following websites:


Ride With GPS


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