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About town

The tour is offered to riders of varying ranges of skill level and riding intensity. Each ride will introduce and showcase the many natural, historical, and unique features of the area.

Follow the Red Pine Tours guides around the 23km loop. Expect to ride to and through local area attractions including parks, conservation areas, and a world class waterfront. Stops may include a recreation centre, local area restaurants and cafés, and your guides’ favourite microbrewery - OutSpoken Brewing.


Guests will have the option to choose from a 2hr, half day, or full day tour.

Each ride will end where it started. You can expect to cover flats, rolling hills, and plan for at least a few climbs. The effort is worth it and the stoke will be high.

As always, the guides are happy to share in the post ride tailgate social scene and are keen to introduce groups of rider to each other.

Please note, the dates and times you see in the booking tool are used as place holders.

We can accommodate other dates and times.

If you don't see one that aligns with your schedule, email us to book.

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